12 Types of Anger

One thing you need to know that will help you control your anger is to understand the different types of anger.  Here are 12 types of anger and their characteristics.  These are not listed in any particular order, one type, in some cases, is no better or worse than another type.

1. Passive anger means you can be angry on the inside but not show it on the outside.  You think about expressing your anger out right, but you don’t.  When you experience passive anger you will most often times avoid certain situations, instances, or people that cause you to feel this way.

2. Verbal anger, for the most part, is reactionary.  You end up shouting obscenities or other hurtful remarks and then realize that your mouth is working without the benefit of your brain.  Even though there is generally no action involved, only words, this type of anger can still be very destructive.  Once you say something negative in the heat of anger and you later take it back once cooler heads prevail, the bottom line is you still said it whether you meant it or not.

3. Judgmental anger is when you say something hurtful or shameful to someone else, putting that person down, and making him or her feel inadequate about their own abilities as a human being.

4. Behavioral anger usually results in treating someone or something in a cruel and aggressive manner by becoming physical and attacking the person or object that made you angry enough to react that way.

5. Volatile anger generally happens when one minute you are calm and cool, and then suddenly something or someone causes you to blow a head gasket.  Volatile anger can be hard to classify due to the extent that whatever makes you angry can vary significantly.  It could be sudden anger that is somewhat mild, or within just a short span could become a full blown melt down.  Another reason making volatile anger hard to classify is that it can be verbal, shouting obscenities and calling someone names, and or you could physically attack the object of your anger.

6. Chronic anger is purely self destructive as you are angry most of the time.  You are angry with your life, yourself, and the people around you.  There really isn’t any reason to be angry, you just are.  If you are angry all the time, then you need to get professional help.  Being angry with someone or something for any reason is not good, but if you are angry for no apparent reason this is self destructive and you need to change your mindset.

7. Self inflicted anger is usually directed towards your own body.  You are under a false perception that you need to punish yourself for something you did wrong.

8. Retaliatory anger is fairly common resulting in you being angry because someone is angry with you, and how angry you become depends on how angry the other person is with you.

9. Paranoid anger is very irrational and usually results from feelings of jealously.  This is because you are intimidated by someone and you think and feel they are out to get you and take what belongs to them.

10. Overwhelming anger occurs when you hate a situation that is happening and it directly affects your life.  You feel that the best way to change the situation is to scream and yell at someone or something and in turn changes your outlook.

11. Deliberate anger is shown by someone who wants to take control in any given situation.  This person doesn’t start out angry, but changes when you demonstrate that you are against what they are trying to control.  This person will then use their anger to gain power over you and or the situation.

12. Constructive anger causes you to become part of a group or movement that usually corrects some type of injustice or to correct a problem.  Although anger is never a good thing, constructive anger’s main goal is to make a positive change.

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