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Use the power of your mind to free yourself from worry, stress, and anxiety.

It is essential that we all find ways to relax and reduce stress in our daily lives. I’ll bet you didn’t know this, according to an article in Newsweek on this very subject, an estimated ninety percent of all doctor visits are prompted by stress related complaints. Also in this article it says that over the last 30 years a lot of studies have confirmed the benefits of relaxation exercises. Everyone should learn to achieve a state of mental calmness allowing your blood pressure to drop, your heart rate to slow, your breathing deep and slow, and your muscles become less tense. If you practice regularly, it will become easier to do, you will be able to do it just about anywhere, and the benefits are tremendous for your body, mind, and spirit.

There are several ways to accomplish this mental calmness and not all of them require you to sit quietly. If you prefer to sit motionless and quietly, one good way to do this is through meditation. Sit with your eyes closed, quietly with no distractions, and in a comfortable position. Relax your muscles focusing on your feet and moving on up to the top of your head. If your thoughts drift or other thoughts intrude, don’t be too concerned about it, just acknowledge it, and focus on your breathing. Do this for ten to twenty minutes, but actually five minutes of deep breathing relaxation will leave you feeling calm and refreshed, however the more and longer you do this the more you will benefit.

Reclining or sitting quietly, breathe in through your nose long and slow breaths, filling your lungs with air as much as you can to full capacity. Now exhale through your nose long and slow, emptying your lungs as much as you can before inhaling again. Do this for five to ten minutes in the morning after getting out of bed and before doing anything else, and do it again as your last activity of the day before going to sleep. After diligently practicing these deep-breathing exercises you may also find an improvement in the quality of your sleep. Most people do not use the full capacity of their lungs when breathing normally on a day to day basis. As a result, only the top third of their lungs are used in normal breathing, and the bottom two thirds contain stale air that never gets recycled.

The benefits of meditation extend far beyond contemplation, deep breathing, and quieting the mind. Through consistent and regular practice meditation can reduce your risk of heart disease, increase your body's ability to protect itself by giving your immune system a boost, elevate your energy levels, and reduce inflammation. A tremendous amount of research has uncovered how well meditation influences brain function by increasing the connections between neurons which can greatly decrease depression and anxiety as well as increase endorphins that positively affect your mood and help you think more clearly. If you practice meditation on a regular basis it will have an overall positive effect on your mental, physical, and spiritual well being. Consequently, when this trilogy is positively influence you will feel more inspirational.

A study was conducted by a team of neuroscientists from the University of California at Los Angeles and they found that regular and consistent meditation can give your brain the ability to increase cortical gyrification. The cerebral cortex is the outermost cover of neural tissue in the brain and it is vital in helping you control your memory, how you think about things, the decisions you make, how you focus your attention, and how you create your own awareness. Cortical Gyrification is an important function allowing the cerebral cortex to fold, creating creases, and increasing the brain's capacity to process information, create memories, understand the logic in making decisions. Additionally, you will be able to control your emotions, have a higher sense of awareness, and have the ability to look inside yourself.

It is only when you can calm your mind and control the onslaught of continuous and persistent mind talk will you then be able to go deeper into your consciousness and experience those healing benefits allowing you to fully realize the true nature of peace, compassion, and love. A regular meditative practice is an excellent stress buster and can greatly help you with all the distractions going on inside your life and your mind. The thing is, you don't have to sit in a lotus position for hours on end staring off into infinity like a monk in a monastery, I mean unless you want to, just ten to fifteen minutes a day will give you tremendous benefits. Of course meditation is just like everything else in life, the more and longer you do it, the more beneficial it is, and the more you will gain from it.

Learning to meditate may help you to look inside yourself seeking the wisdom and calmness that can enable you to develop balance, awareness, and harmony. There are different styles and ways to meditate. Here are a few styles for you to consider in your quest for Zen, helping you clear your mind so that you can reduce distractions, and then help you focusing on your inner self and reaching a higher state of consciousness.

Transcendental Meditation is a well known technique but what most fail to realize is that you would have to practice it for a considerable amount of time before reaching enlightenment. Of course the more you practice it the more you will benefit. This technique is not difficult to master and you don’t have to concern yourself with special breathing and postures. You only need to sit quietly, relaxed and in a comfortable position, and just focus on your own deep breathing. This type of meditation will help you improve balance, harmony, and creativity. In fact the only challenge to practicing this technique is sticking with it and that’s up to you to decide if it really is a challenge.

Vibrational Meditation is a technique that uses a phrase or mantra that is repeated and focused on throughout the meditation session and all you have to do is concentrate and focus on your selected phrase. Any short positive affirmation type phrase will do as long as it is one that will keep you focused. The phrase I like to use is “Ong Ma Lee Bae Mae Hong.” I learned this from Master Chunyi Lin who is the creator of “Spring Forest Gigong,” (pronounced Chi Gong.) This is a very old six word chant used by Buddhists and Buddhist Monks in Tibet. It is a healing chant and each word has specific properties. “Ong” represents the wisdom of the Universe. “Ma Lee” represents a person’s ever changing heart. “Bae Mae” represents the heart’s purity.” “Hong” represents enlightenment and the relationship a person has with the wisdom of God or the Universe.

Each word has a specific healing function that is relative to the human body. The sound of “Ong” has healing properties for the eyes, ears, nose, and the head in general. The sound of “Ma Lee” has healing properties for the heart, lungs, throat, and shoulders. The sound of “Bae Mae” has healing properties for the back, spine, stomach, and intestinal tract. The sound of “Hong” has healing properties for the body’s joints and legs. When these six words are used together they bring a powerful balance to the energy of your body and help connect you to the healing energy of the Universe. Master Lin says it is one of his favorite chants and I agree. He also says, “each sound is a healing sound and the meaning is: Open your heart.  Go to the Universe. In the oneness you will find the truth of yourself.”

Another excellent meditation technique is the Walking Meditation. This is a great way to exercise and meditate at the same time. When you meditate while walking, you will feel a stronger connection to Nature, and the world around you. The concept is to focus your mind while walking and there are a couple of ways you could do this. One way is to focus on each step taken to keep your mind clear and free from racing and random thoughts. The way I prefer is to keep my head up and shoulders back while walking and focus on deep breathing. At first you may find this to be somewhat of a challenge because as you are walking, your heart rate is increasing, and your breathing becomes shallow. By focusing on your breathing, taking in long slow deep breathes filling your lungs to full capacity, and exhaling long and slow emptying your lungs as much as possible, you will get the benefit of exercise as well as exchanging the stale air stored in your lungs through normal shallow breathing. You don’t have to do this for a long period of time, just a few minutes periodically will be fine although you can do it as much as you want, and you should practice deep breathing whether you are walking or not. When I go out for a walk my heart rate is up, I am perspiring, and my breathing becomes shallow, however when I focus on deep breathing I am able to slow my breathing down to seven or eight breathes per minute.

It may be somewhat of a challenge for you, in the beginning, to focus on just one thing, such as a phrase or mantra and deep breathing, due to all the thoughts that race through your mind at any given moment, however those should be all the more reasons you should practice meditation. The great thing about meditation is, even though it may seem difficult at first and it does take some time to master, the more you engage in meditation, the healthier your body, mind, and spirit will be, and your life will become more peaceful and Zen.

Here is meditation audio program designed to take you to a place of quiet stillness that will become richer and deeper with consistent use. This unique deep Zen audio program uses specific, scientifically defined brainwave frequencies to emulate what a Zen monk experiences in deep, blissful meditation. You will experience a rich, insightful meditation. This program has a unique and proprietary “Triple Harmonic Chord” audio track that provides a more impactful experience. Each program runs about 30-minutes. And the reason there are three programs is because each “level” takes you to a deeper place than the preceding one. Deep Zen is all you need to have a profound meditation experience.


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