Feng Shui and clutter Management

Do you sometimes feel that you have too much stuff? Do you feel like you have stuff everywhere or you can’t seem to find what you are looking for? Believe it or not, when your home and work place is disorganized and you don’t know where half your stuff is, it will disrupt the flow of energy (or Chi as the Chinese call it,) and that can have a negative psychological impact on your emotions. It is a proven fact that a lot of people don’t really know how to manage the clutter in their daily lives and so consequently they don’t deal with it at all. If you are interested in improving the flow of energy and balance in your surroundings then I have some helpful suggestions for you.

The first thing I would suggest is, if you don’t need it, then get rid of it. Now I know you can carry this too far. I have thrown stuff out, or should I say what I thought was junk, only to realize later that I should have kept it. So be sure you really don’t need it or want it anymore and that it’s just taking up space before you pitch it. Also just don’t throw it away, if it’s still good and someone else can use it, then by all means donate it. It may make you feel good as well as give you a feeling of Zen.

Do you let your mail, junk mail and otherwise, stack up? I see this all the time in my travels to other homes and work places. Sort through your mail as soon as you receive it by setting up a mail system, keep your important mail in a specific place so you’ll always know where it is, and recycle the junk mail you don’t need. Don’t forget to remove your name and address before tossing it in the recycle bin. I get credit card offers frequently and I have no intention of applying for a new card, so I always have to open them remove the application which usually has my name and address pre-printed on it, shred or incinerate it, and recycle the rest.

I have found that if you don’t clean your personal space, whether it is your home or work place, it can really affect the energy and balance, so the best thing to do regarding Feng Shui is to clean regularly and often. It’s good to have a regular cleaning schedule rather than letting it all pile up and have to spend a huge amount of time and effort cleaning. Around my house we always clean once a week and one reason we do this is to keep the dust accumulation down to a minimum. An excessive amount of dust really affects the flow of energy plus you will probably sneeze a lot more too. I do most of the cooking in my house and one thing I like to do is clean as I go then there is a lot less clean up at the end of the meal. I remember when my mother in law, who by the way was an awesome cook, but she would let everything pile up and there would always be a huge clean up after dinner. That use to drive me absolutely crazy. Cleaning as you go works well everywhere whether it’s the kitchen or the work shop or anywhere in between.

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It is truly amazing how something that was developed more than 3500 years ago is still popular today, and very effective, or I’m sure it wouldn’t have lasted this long. It’s called Feng Shui, pronounced feng shway, and it originated in China. Its principles are inspired by Chinese astronomy and it is considered an art and science centered around a sophisticated set of guidelines. This knowledge shows how to balance the energy of all the rooms in your home or office to promote good health and good fortune. Feng means wind and shui means water. Wind and water are considered to be good health and good fortune. Learn how to arrange your environment to increase the positive flow of energy and this may change your luck in more than one positive way. This program will show you three simple techniques to secure your future and have less worry. This program is full of great tips like three things you should never do when it comes to using mirrors in your home or office.

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