Feng Shui Colors

When it comes to color, Feng Shui is all about choosing the right color combinations to influence positive energy in your surroundings, so it is vital that you choose the colors that create the kind of energy you desire.

Red is a color that should be used sparingly as an accent like small décor pieces. Red inspires confidence, passion, and courage but if it is done to excess, like say an entire wall, then it can have a reverse effect.

Blue is a very flexible color as lighter shades of blue can create a feeling of serenity and darker shades can help increase the quality of your sleep. Blue creates serenity and it is most advantageous when used in the East and Southeast areas of your home.

Yellow creates the feeling of sunlight and warmth, but it should be used sparingly because over use of this color may cause anxiety.

Orange is a great choice for the dining room and living room. It promotes creativity and its brilliance attracts a fun and interactive playful energy.

Green represents nature and provides a fresh and healing environment. To use this color to its maximum advantage is to use a few shades of green to promote new creative inspirations and peace.

Purple is a wonderful color that promotes spiritual healing and mental health but it too should also be used sparingly. If you enjoy meditation, use purple as an accent color in the room where you meditate, and it may help you reach a deeper meditative state.

Pink is an excellent choice to create a soothing feeling and will help you feel calm and relaxed. Pink is the color of love.

Black is another color that should be used sparingly. Although it may give off a feeling of heaviness, if it is used for small décor items or as part of a color scheme in a piece of furniture, it will add definition and sophistication to your space.

White creates brightness, peace, tranquility, and innocence and can be used everywhere. It is especially functional in the East and Southeast areas of your home.

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