Feng Shui in Each Room

First of all when you have determined where the North end of your home is then you’ll easily know where the Southwest end of your house is. This is important because you’ll want keep this area clear of any clutter and only use small accents in addition to the furniture you have in this area of your home. This will further stimulate the flow of energy throughout your home, however, don’t place anything in this area made of wood, and don’t use the color green as it will disrupt the flow of Chi.

A really good idea to help promote the flow of energy is to have an indoor running water fountain. Water is a great conductor of energy and refreshes the energy flow throughout your home. If you decide to use a fountain in the Southwest part of your house, it would be best if it were made of stone, but you could use a fountain in just about any area you please, or you can use more than one if you desire.

Keep your living room simple, elegant, and comfortable. Your living room should be used for socializing with family and friends. Keep your television, stereo, and other electronics out of here, keep those in your family room or recreational room. If you use red in here, use it sparingly, because too much of the color red may promote a feeling of restlessness.

Your dining room should also be simple and elegant as well. Use light pastel colors for your walls and ceiling, white, off white, or a variation of white is best. This room is designed to have an enjoyable meal while socializing with family and friends so keep the décor simple also and you won’t be creating distractions.

Depending on how your kitchen is arranged, specifically the appliances, it can be a bit of a trick optimizing Feng Shui, and the reason for this is because the five elements can easily clash with one another and negatively affecting the flow of energy. Place your stove away from the door but you should be able to see the doorway when standing by the stove.  Also don’t position the stove on the opposing side of the refrigerator, sink, and dishwasher as this creates a huge clash between the water and fire elements. It is also better if you can position your stove at the side of a window instead of in front of it. Keep your refrigerator and food pantry well stocked if you can and this will invite a positive energy of abundance and wealth.

If your bedroom is opposite your bathroom then always keep your bathroom door closed. It is wise to be able to see the entrance to your bedroom from your bed, but position your bed as far away from the door as possible, and when you are sleeping try not to have your feet pointed towards the door as well. Insure that the mirrors you have in your bedroom do not reflect your image when you are sleeping and if you use round or oval shaped mirrors insure they are larger than your head. Don’t sleep on the floor, for example on a futon without a frame; this prevents the flow of Chi from circulating under you. Paint the walls in your bedroom blue to promote healthier sleeping habits. Don’t use a mirror on the opposite side of your bed this will only interrupt the positive flow of energy.

The bathroom should not be opposite the kitchen as this will create a negative flow of energy between the water and fire elements. Position the toilet as far away from the front door as possible. Place a large mirror behind the bathroom sink but don’t use the type of mirror that has a split in the middle like you see in most vanities or medicine cabinets. Insure that the plumbing and fixtures are in good working order and there are no leaks.

If you have stairs it is advisable to have an odd number of steps to enhance the flow of Chi. I have often thought it would look cool to have a spiral staircase but when considering Feng Shui it only confuses the flow of energy. If your stairs lead directly to your front door, that may be one reason why you may feel unsettled and always rushing around, so to prevent this, hang a wind chime from the ceiling above the stairs, or a heavy figurine or large plant at the base of the stairs to slow down the rush of energy.

Your hallway, or lobby if you are considering your office, should not have any obstructions and always well lit making it clear where the lobby or hallway leads. It’s nice to have an art décor piece hanging in the hallway or lobby, but hang it at the end of the hallway, and don’t use a mirror because it will only reflect the Chi that enters in a reverse direction. If your hallway leads directly to your bathroom always keep the bathroom door closed.

One last thing, if your home is a bit on the rustic side, or perhaps like a lodge and there are exposed beams, it would be wise to cover them. Exposed beams will direct the flow of Chi downward in an oppressive way creating health problems and negative emotions. All of these suggestions will give you a healthier and happier home life with a greater sense of balance and harmony, and that my friend is very Zen.

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