Introduction Here and Now

This is a collection of  10 hand picked photographs with the inscription "Here and Now" printed on the photograph. This is a folded 5 x 7 card so it is a little bigger than typical cards sold in gift shops and the photograph is suitable for framing. All photographs are printed on premium 110 lb card stock. The front and back of the card are glossy and this makes the photograph an eye catcher. There are two inside pages, on the right is an original poem titled "Here and Now," the left side is blank and both sides have a matte finish so you will be able to write easily any thought, idea, or feeling you care to express. Each card comes with an envelope. They are available individually so may order as many or as few as you like. Please click on the small image or the title to view a larger photograph.

Here and Now

The wisdom to let go of all things

Like leaves drifting in autumn

 Through the frailty of nonattachment 

Do I find peace and freedom


It is a realization and acceptance

It is an illusion of ego creation

A collection of thoughts and ideas

In a room full of temptation


What I believe about me

Cannot be composed of what I have

I seek greater wisdom and I must let go

The ego cannot live on the true path


Yesterday has long since faded

Tomorrow may never arrive

All I have is this moment

Here and now to be alive

Here & Now 1 - Personal note & greeting card for the outdoor and beach lover with a Zen poem on the inside

Here & Now 2 - A personal note or greeting card with a Zen poem on the inside

Here & Now 3 - A colorful hot air balloon adrift a sky of blue greeting card or note card with a Zen poem inside

Here & Now 4 - A bright red balloon and silver steel of the Saint Louis Gateway Arch with a Zen Poem inside

Here & Now 5 - A sailboat on the ocean under a golden sunset in Key West Florida with a Zen poem inside

Here & Now 6 - Nature's path through the woods in the Mohican State Forest with a Zen poem inside

Here & Now 7 - A Personal note or greeting card with a Zen poem inside

Here & Now 8 - A redbird in the thicket personal note or greeting card with a Zen poem inside

Here & Now 9 - A redbird perched over the Mohican River with a Zen poem inside

Here & Now 10 - Snow covered mountains under a cloudy blue sky with a Zen poem inside



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