Jake McKellen is a deputy United States Marshal. His parents came to America in 1975 to escape the violence and turmoil going on throughout Ireland. They had a desire to improve the quality of their lives and wanted to start a family. After they received their citizenship, Mr. McKellen enlisted in the U.S. Navy, and five years later Jake was born. Young Jake wasn't without problems growing up, however those experiences taught him valuable lessons and instilled in him a desire to help others.

The current case he is working on causes him great stress. He just knew deep down in his gut there had to be a connection between the most evil drug king pin in all of South America, Pedro Maguay Santiago, and the biggest crime boss in Chicago, Vinnie 'Strong Arm' Gignotti.

The problems for Jake are mounting, girls and young women are disappearing all across the city, and Jake fears they were being transported across international borders and sold into slavery and prostitution. To make matters worse he has very little to no evidence and very little to no leads.

Jake is consumed by this case to the point of obsession and it has caused many sleepless nights for him. His only hope seemed to be some kind of miracle in finding information that would help him close this case once and for all. He desperately needed a break, and his unrelenting commitment to bringing down these bad guys and their organizations told him something had to give, although he wasn't sure what that would be.

Jake's the kind of guy who doesn't like to lose and when it comes to bad guys, he's a sore loser. So, this is a story about the coordination of several law enforcement agencies and the United States Military shutting down major criminal organizations in North and South America. With the combined effort of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Diplomatic Security Service, and the backup and support of the U.S. Army Rangers and the U.S. Navy Seals, the U.S. Marshals now have the power they need to enforce justice.

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