Johnny Sprang - Author, Musician, Philosopher, & good guy


Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting my site.  I have always enjoyed creative writing, but it wasn't until a couple of years ago when I retired that I began to take it more seriously.  During my career in the military and professional business it seemed like I was always writing for someone else and I never really thought about writing for myself.

While I was attending college I always enjoyed writing a thesis on various subjects.  I was a staff writer and photographer for the campus newspaper at two colleges where I studied.  That was a long time ago and it wasn't until recently, while I was cruising down memory lane, I began reading the stuff I wrote back then, and I said to myself, hey, this is not too bad.  At least that's what I think.  If you decide to read some of my books or articles let me know what you think.  I'll always appreciate good constructive criticism.  I welcome you to leave any comments you care to (no bashing please) by clicking on the 'contact' button.  If you like my writings, I'll probably post your comments on this site, if you don't like my writings, well, then I probably won't.

I'm a family guy and retired business professional.  I spent a lot of time serving my country that includes many years of active service with the United States Air Force during and after the Vietnam War and with the United States Navy Reserve during college.  I've been a business manager, professional sales representative, account executive, insurance agent, and mortgage broker.

In addition to writing on topics that I am passionate about, I spend most of my time enjoying my family and grandkids, on nice days I like to go hiking or walking through the woods, I practice Tai Chi and Yoga.  I continue to study and practice the martial arts I learned while living in Japan when I was in my mid twenties.  I've studied Judo, earned a brown belt in Japanese Shotokan Karate, and a black belt in Korean Hapkido.  My creative interest, and probably my number one passion is songwriting.  I like most genres of music but Country, Southern Rock, Americana, and Folk music are my preferences.  I currently have a CD of songs I've co-written with a good friend and recorded by a popular band in Nashville, Tennessee, and another CD planned for release next year.

 The books, articles, and information that I write cover topics that nearly affect everyone and are based on my own education, experiences, and research, as well as the experiences of others.

So anyway, have a look around the site, if you like what you see and read, that would be very cool, and I would greatly appreciate it.  If you don't like what you see or read, that's cool too, sorry, but you know the old expression, you can't please everyone.