Loudonville, the series, are currently 4 short stories that take place around a small village in central Ohio. Loudonville is a sleepy little village, a little more than two hundred years old, nestled on the outskirts of the Mohican State Forest. A small community of twenty five hundred to three thousand residents whose families have been here for generations. Where the main street is called Main Street. A nice summer evening is taking a stroll down Main Street, sitting on a bench, enjoying some ice cream, and watch the world go by. I often take a stroll on one of many tree lined streets on a warm summer evening to experience the fresh scent of lilacs and honeysuckle. It is a Zen experience that allows me to be totally in the here and now.

In this collection of short stories all descriptions of the town, locations, and surrounding areas are true. The stories, the plots, and the characters are pure fiction and a product of my own imagination. So, any similarities to any real person, living or not, is purely coincidental.

 Loudonville, The Series, Heavenly Violins

Loudonville, The Series, The Author

Loudonville, The Series, The Antique Dealer

Loudonville, The Series, The Professor's Challenge

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These stories are in the process of being formatted using Final Draft and will soon be available as a script for motion pictures.

Images of Loudonville