Maximum Identity Protection

There are some things you could do and there are some things you should do if you want to protect your identity as much as possible.

1. You could use a post office box and reduce the chances of someone stealing your mail.

2. You should manage your mail and your junk mail with due diligence.

3. You could drop your outgoing mail at the post office or post office collection box for maximum security.

4. You should not let your mail pile up at home while you are away. If you’re going to be away for a while have your mail held at the post office until you return.

5. You should remove your personal information from your junk mail and shred it.

6. You should remove and shred the application from any credit card offers.

7. You definitely should not volunteer any of your personal information to any source whether it’s over the phone, through the mail, or on the internet unless you have started the contact and you are absolutely certain you know who you are dealing with.

8. You could use a drive up ATM. When you use a walk up ATM you never know who is looking over shoulder minding your business instead of theirs.

9. You should protect your personal identification number when you enter it  by covering it with your other hand.

10. You should carefully inspect any unfamiliar ATM for small cameras that are there to record you entering your personal identification number. This has happened at remote ATM locations and if you pay at the pump be sure to take a good look around.

11. You should keep your computer system up to date. That means keeping your operating system, other programs, and anti-virus up to date.

12. You could manage your e-mails by marking those that you do know as spam without opening them. Never open an e-mail from someone you don’t know. The same goes for opening attachments, clicking on hyperlinks, or downloading programs. That is the fastest way to infect your computer with a virus, worm, or spyware.

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Today more than ever, you must be vigilant in protecting your personal information from being stolen. It definitely pays to learn all you can about the world of fraud and identity theft. With this identity theft program you will learn how criminals get the information they need to steal identities. Remember this, cyber criminals have one weakness and that is they are looking for an easy score and your best defense is making your personal and financial information exceptionally difficult to get. Learn the five different methods identity thieves use to steal your information and the five pieces of information you should never post on Face Book or any other social media. This program has an identity protection plan and an iron clad special ops strategy that will never fail to keep you one step ahead of the cyber criminals and without having to pay an ongoing monthly fee.

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Remain vigilant in protecting your personal and private information

Level the playing field when it comes to cyber criminals

Keep your information out of reach

Learn how identity thieves get information to steal your identity

Learn the 5 different methods identity thieves use

Stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals without paying monthly fees

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In this high tech world, it becomes more important than ever before to protect your identity and financial privacy. This privacy protection program will give you the information you need to keep your personal and financial information private. This information to anonymous living will benefit you greatly in protecting your identity and preventing identity theft.  You will also use financial privacy principles for banking secrecy, gain freedom from internet stalking, and have workplace privacy and employee privacy.

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How to protect your identity

How to protect your financial privacy

How cyber thieves come up with new ways to steal your identity

How cyber thieves come up with new ways to steal your financial information

About financial privacy principles

How to keep your banking information secret and safe

About workplace privacy

To keep it secret keep it safe

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If you want to get rid of your debt fast this program will show you how you can pay off your debts in five years or less including your mortgage. This program is structured with action steps for rapid debt elimination and it’s guaranteed to work for everyone.

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Will help you get rid of your debts fast

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