Past Experiences and Regrets

The word regret all by itself is a negative word and you cannot feel happy when you think about past regrets because it’s just human nature. We all have past experiences that are in some way negative and there are times when you just can’t help thinking about them. I know it’s difficult but it is essential that you learn to let it go. That experience happened only once, well hopefully, but when that negative past experience or regret starts to creep back into your mind you are basically experiencing it over and over again, and there is absolutely no benefit to you in doing so.

When you relive those negative experiences and regrets over and over again, your mind and body actually feel the stress of when it first happened. This is unjustified stress and feelings you don’t need and it’s taking up your time in an unproductive way, time that you could use to experience more fulfilling and happier feelings that allow you to become Zen. When you are meditating, those negativities may try to creep back into your thought processes, don’t let them rattle you, acknowledge them briefly, and then use your triggers to oust them from your thoughts.

Here are a few techniques that may help you dismiss those negative past experiences from your thoughts.  First of all focus on your breathing when meditating and realize those experiences are coming from your past. Consider those past negative experiences and regrets a part of life’s lesson and you’ve learned from them and you won’t let them happen again. If an experience has caused you harm or cost in some way, try forgiving, not only to the one who has caused you harm, but also forgive yourself. Forgiveness is very powerful and an excellent technique for letting go. You may try to consider that all experiences in your life, negative and positive, are attracted by you, your attitudes, emotions, and how you think. By realizing this and owning it you can change your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and habits allowing you to become a true master of yourself instead of a victim of your past, and you will truly become Zen.

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