Plans and Goals

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, “people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan,” and because of that cliché when you are developing your plan and your goals you would be wise to give them careful consideration. One reason you should do this is to give priority to your goals and another reason is so that you will stay focused on what you are trying to accomplish. Planning and prioritizing your goals will give you the confidence, motivation, and self esteem to stay positive and work towards accomplishing them.

In my research I have found a formula to help you in planning your goals to insure that they have meaning and to keep you from getting side tracked, it is an acronym really, and you may have heard of it before. In case you haven’t, your plans and goals should be SMART.  The ‘S’ is for specific, that means detailed and exact. The ‘M’ is for measurable, so that you will be able to track the progress towards accomplishing the goal in question. The ‘A’ is for attainable, which will identify your ability to achieve your goal. The ‘R’ is for realistic, and of course this is absolutely fundamental because if your goal is not practical, or not clear enough, or you do not have the ability required to accomplish it then it should not be in your plan. The ‘T’ is for timely, and you should have a realistic period of time to achieve your goal and to help keep you on track, otherwise a great deal of time will pass, and the success of completing it will become less. So stay SMART.

Sometimes you may have personal goals or perhaps at your job you may be assigned tasks that seem to be so enormous that you begin to wonder how you are ever going to complete it. When it comes to your personal goals you know you have the flexibility to structure it in such a way that you may be able to complete it on your own terms but in your job you may not have the luxury. So the best way to manage any large goal or task is to break it up into smaller ones allowing you to complete each one in a timely fashion. By establishing a deadline for each smaller task and crossing it off the list as you complete it, you won’t feel so overwhelmed, you’ll be able to track your progress, and accomplish the task with confidence.

Creating plans and setting goals will help you manage many of the things going on in your life. Sometimes it may seem that many things outside your life are out of your control and to be quite honest most of it is out of your control. Try not to allow those external happenings to influence what is going on in your own life. Consider all of your goals that are under your control and you may be surprised to find that you have enough to take care of without causing undue stress in what is going outside your own world. Think about it, your goals may include family goals, financial goals, personal goals, exercising goals, creative goals, and I’m sure you could probably come up with a few more. Make a list, write them down, prioritize them, and then get to work and accomplish them. You will feel better and in more control once you do.

The goals you set for yourself will most likely depend on your values. Values are not goals but they most certainly influence your goals and ultimately the decisions you make. Your values reflect the philosophy of your own life, your judgments, and how you see things. Your values will determine the goals you set for yourself. While you are making a list of your goals and what you want to accomplish, it would also be a good idea to list your values, and you will begin to see the relationship between your values and your goals. You will better understand how certain values that you have in place will affect your decision making and the outcome of the goals you have set for yourself.

Most people think that when you set a goal that you have to accomplish it by a certain point in time. While it is a good idea to set a deadline to achieve your goal it is just as important to work diligently and focus on the task at hand to get the job done. The last thing you want to do is get hung up on setting time frames. Sometimes having a time frame can create pressure so much so that you have a difficult time focusing on what you need to do and as a result you end up not accomplishing what you should. It’s always a good idea to have a time frame, but that’s just it, a time frame, it isn’t specific, it’s a period or span of time. If you concentrate on what needs to be done you will find yourself getting more done and you just might find that you have accomplished the task within the time frame you set. By following this principle you will actually get more accomplished than by trying to achieve your goals by a certain deadline.

There are a number of things you can do to get more done. Here’s an excellent idea; learn to outsource and form a team. The more you network with others the more you will be able to accomplish. In considering working with someone, the first order of business is to make sure you can trust them, and the second order of business is make sure you know what their capabilities are.

You will need to have a supervisory program in place. Since this is your business, this is an area you may want to manage yourself. A good supervisor or manager should be able to coordinate all the activities and functions of your day to day business in a smooth and orderly manner. By having a well qualified team in place, you will find that you will be able to accomplish more, and by managing your business you will also improve your leadership skills and abilities. Since you will be accomplishing more and increasing productivity don’t forget to reward those who have helped you. It is absolutely essential that you take care of those individuals financially and let them know personally how much you appreciate them.

You may have developed your plan to achieve your goals and as you work towards that end you may find a more efficient way to reach your objective. When this happens you should definitely take advantage of it. These strategies will help you save time allowing you to reach your goals sooner. It is important to stay up to date and current in any process or technology that directly affects the accomplishment of your goals. So when working towards your goals always be on the lookout for a better, faster, more efficient way to save time and possibly money.

There may be times when you feel that there is no shorter route to accomplishing your goals and maybe from a technological standpoint that might be true. If you really want to accomplish your goals faster you will just have to invest more time. This takes real dedication because you are totally in charge and you will have to stay consistent if you want to reach your objectives in the shortest amount of time.

Going this route can be difficult so you should keep a few things in mind. First and foremost don’t allow yourself to become stressed out. It’s important that you have some down time to relax and take restful breaks. After all your body and your mind won’t be able to function at peak performance if you don’t give them adequate rest time. Giving yourself enough time to rest will also give you the motivation you need to keep moving forward towards accomplishing your goals. Plan those extra hours carefully so you can work effectively. It would be a good idea to master time management so that you can plan and utilize a strategy that works best for you. Part of an effective plan would be to break down large jobs into smaller more manageable objectives. You may find that this might actually save you time, accomplish more, not be stressed out, or feel overwhelmed by what you have to do.

It doesn’t really matter how difficult or easy the goals you have set for yourself are, one thing is certain, you won’t accomplish much if you don’t have the right mind set. It is absolutely essential that you stay focused and positive. Do your best to not allow the little things in day to day living create undue pressure when working toward your goals.

Sometimes in the pursuit of your goals you may feel a bit overwhelmed. When this happens it is critical that you do everything possible to eliminate or reduce stress. There are a number of things you can do that will help you with stress and keep you from getting sidetracked. Just remember to try and maintain a balance between reducing and eliminating stress and achieving your goals. It is best to schedule these activities, making time for them, and that way you won’t over-indulge. Here are some ideas.

1. Exercise. Ask anyone who exercises on a regular basis and they will tell you it is a great stress buster.

2. Meditation. Sitting quietly focusing on your deep breathing has a great calming effect on the mind.

3. Engage in other activities that you enjoy. Some people like to listen to music, some like to paint, and some like to play video games. I find playing my guitar to be very rewarding.

4. Just plain relax where you really don’t have to do anything. Maybe take a little fifteen to twenty minute power nap to energize.

5. Read self help books and listen to self improvements recordings can also keep you relaxed, motivated, and educated.

Writing your goals down sort of sets them in stone so to speak and serves to keep you motivated and working towards them. You also need to keep your goals flexible so that you can accommodate any changes and problems that may arise. It is equally important that you don’t develop any bad habits and eliminate those that you may have. Often times bad habits can get in the way in achieving your goals and you may not even be aware of them.

Procrastination is a big goal killer. When you are calling the shots and don’t have anyone else to answer to, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals, and waste time pursuing unproductive activities. It’s easy to blow off those tasks you know you should be doing and becoming lazy. It is important that you don’t overwork yourself or sacrifice your health, but you do have to work hard if you expect to gain any ground, however it all requires balance.

Fear is not necessarily a bad habit but it most certainly can stop someone in their tracks from achieving their goals. Sometimes it’s the fear of failure and sometimes it’s the fear of success, at any rate you must learn to eliminate it. You might set great goals for yourself and or your business and then all of sudden fear can stop you cold, because somewhere on a deeper subconscious level you may feel that achieving your goals will change you, and it may be changes that you don’t think you can handle.

Don’t be so selfish in your efforts to achieve your goals that you neglect help from others. You can try to do everything yourself but it will make it more difficult to accomplish your goals. You would be wise to accept and engage the assistance of those that can help you toward your goals especially those who have specialized skills and knowledge. It is absolutely imperative that you have complete trust in those individuals on your team. If those individuals can help you accomplish your goals quicker and more efficiently then it is certainly worth the investment.

Learn to delegate authority and responsibility within your organization. This will allow you to increase productivity and prosperity. If you have good people in key positions that you can trust, you will no doubt achieve your goals, and it will give you the ability to establish new goals as your business and personal life grows. Stay focused and optimistic and don’t allow negativity from anyone. Pessimism is the stuff that losers are made of and it will cause you to lose sight of your goals.

It is important that your plans and goals have flexibility and allow for changes that may arise. Don’t think that you won’t have problems, however if you try to plan for any contingencies, those problems should be small and fairly easy to deal with. Remember, sometimes it is better to scale a wall or go around it than it is to try and knock it down.

Brainstorm with everyone. Follow that age old expression, “two heads are better than one,” and in this case, several minds on your team are better than yours alone. This is especially true if those in your organization have special skills and abilities such as marketing, service/product design, sales, engineering, accounting, and strategic management. Brainstorming with your key players can really stoke creativity with new and better ways to achieve your goals. If everyone on your team shares in the creative process it will go a long way in keeping a positive attitude throughout your organization.

There are some basic areas you will need to consider when establishing your goals. You will have to take into account what you do want to accomplish along with other factors such as your current situation, what resources you currently have, your current skills and knowledge, and your physical abilities.

When writing down your goals, be it personal or business, make them specific and detailed as much as possible. Include amounts, completion dates, names, as well as any other relevant information. Insure that your goals are measurable. You’ll want to be able to look back and see what you have accomplished and measure that against your future goals. Your goals must be realistic and attainable. If you set the bar too high and your goals are too lofty, you will only become frustrated and you won’t be able to achieve any of your goals. Establish specific deadlines and create schedules to keep you on track toward completing your goals. Following this advice will give you a solid foundation and help you manage your time and resources so that you can effectively accomplish your goals. Work smart and good luck.

I’m sure it would seem logical to you that the more successful your life is the happier you would be. There are several areas of your personal and professional life that could become more successful by adopting certain positive attributes and by doing so you will be moving closer to a Zen filled life also. Be sincere with your beliefs and values and this means not trying to be someone or something you’re not. Often times sincerity goes along with being genuine. Don’t be deceptive, embellish the truth, or try to pull a fast one. Remember your actions will actually speak volumes more than your words could ever say. Being sincere and genuine are two qualities that are very impressive to those you interact with.

Honor is a personal quality that I value most. Actually honor is the fundamental basis for being sincere and genuine. If you have honor and value it as I do then you will find that all the other positive attributes will come easy to you. Even though I have spent many years in the military on active duty (United States Air Force and United States Navy) I absolutely believe in the United States Marine Corp motto, Semper Fidelius, a Latin expression for ‘always faithful.’ I live every day of my life by a strict code of conduct and that is honorable men don’t have a price and the ancient Samurai philosophy of ‘death before dishonor.’

Here are some other qualities that you should have in your pursuit of happiness. You should always be ready to help those in need. Offering your time and perhaps money will always make you feel good and very Zen. Appreciating others is also an excellent attribute, not only those that you have a close personal relationship with, but also with those who you briefly come in contact with throughout the course of your day. This brings to mind another important quality that you should have and that is to be humble no matter how successful you become. If you have humility towards others you will also gain true respect.

Always keep your personal integrity intact and never compromise your values and beliefs to please someone else, in other words, don’t let anyone corrupt you or your values. Always show the best judgment and treat everyone with respect by giving each person you interact with your complete and undivided attention. If you take the time to understand how others think and feel you will be able to possibly help them more efficiently. If you can understand someone else’s point of view you will be sympathetic and be able to help with their emotional situation. Always be compassionate to those who are experiencing difficulties, try to help them if you are able, and do it with an unselfish thought by not expecting anything in return. All of your experiences will help you gain knowledge and wisdom that you will be able to use to help someone else, and that is also very Zen.

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