Salt or No Salt

I’m sure you have heard it a million times that less salt or no salt is better for your health, it some ways that may be true, but I don’t think you are getting the whole story. Most of the time when you hear that statement it is in reference to refined table salt. Typically table salt is processed and refined to prevent moisture and this is done by adding bleaches and other chemicals like aluminosilicate of sodium or yellow prussiate of soda and now what happens is this processed salt will no longer be assimilated with other fluids in the body and of course this causes water retention among other health problems. If you are consuming regular ordinary table salt that you get at your local grocery store then you would be wise to use it sparingly especially if you have health issues associated with its use. What you should do is get rid of the refined and processed table salt and replace it with sea salt, that’s the real stuff.

However, when it comes to sea salt there is a caveat that you need to be aware of, and that is paying close attention to the labels that say they contain ‘sea salt’ in any packaged foods that you are purchasing. Now, you aren’t going to be able to sue them for false advertising because they may very well contain sea salt, but that in itself is often times misleading. You will have to look beyond any label that says sea salt, not only at your local supermarket, but also at the whole foods or health food store as well. If the food item you are buying says it contains sea salt, then it may very well come from the sea, but in most cases it has been totally refined. When sea salt has been refined it goes through some artificial processes including extreme heat that breaks its molecular structure. When this happens most of the minerals from real sea salt that is essential to physiology of the human body is gone. To make matters worse it has been bleached, inorganically iodized, and other chemicals have been added so that the salt will flow freely. The chemicals used in the processing are harmful to the human body along with other additives like potassium iodide, which is designed to avoid iodine deficiency disease of the thyroid gland, sugar which is used to stabilize iodine and to keep salt from caking, and aluminum silicate.

If you don’t think that sea salt is of great benefit to the human body, I suggest you research a French scientist by the name of Dr. Alexis Carrel.  Dr. Carrel conducted an experiment proving that living cells can have physical immortality by keeping a chicken heart alive and pulsating in a solution of sea salt, basically isotonic sea water, for more than 25 years. The experiment probably could have gone on longer but Dr. Carrel ended the experiment voluntarily after a third of a century.

Two more individuals that are worth researching to learn more about the benefits of sea salt are Professor Louis Kervran and Dr. Jacques Langre. Professor Kervran was a candidate for the Nobel Prize in the scientific community when he revealed the secret to immortality was the prime source of trace minerals that came from sea water used in remedies. Other physicians continued his research and by doing so they found effective and powerful medicines in the fermentations of briny salt pickles and salted sour plums as well as other salty fermentations. Dr. Langre authored a book titled, “Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers,” and stated that naturally and properly preserved by the sun that sea salt is the difference between life, death, health, and illness. He goes on to say that natural hand harvested Celtic ocean salt helps maintain life, has the ability to neutralize toxins and other detrimental bacteria, and enhances all the human body’s organic functions. Dr. Langre states that, "Rare gases are locked within real sea crystals and began to release in contact of additional moisture and is effective in maintaining and restoring human energy. Note that Celtic salt should not be ground until used because as it is milled the salt releases a subtle fragrance reminiscent of violets, another telltale sign that gases, floral-like vital essences, are being released. Note that these elements are easily trapped and stored in a preparation called sesame salt and a recipe is given in the Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers.” Real sea salt needs to be stored in an air tight container and kept in a dark cool place. The moisture has a tendency to settle to the bottom of the salt and the salt should be mixed before removing the salt for sure.

In an article titled, “The Chemical Elements of Life,” written by Earl Friden and published in Scientific American, July 1972, Mr. Friden stated “sea salt contain 92 essential minerals and most all refined adulterate sea salts contain only 2 elements (Na and Cl. Biologically, 24 of these elements in real sea salt have already been proven necessary and essential to maintain and recover health.”

When there is a deficiency of trace elements in the diet of the human body cells will lose ability to control their ions. Even a miniscule loss can cause cells to burst, brain damage, muscle spasms, nervous disorders, and prevent cell regeneration. 

In consideration of the balance of acid and alkaline in the human body, chronic diseases can happen, for example, cancer due to the acidification of the blood, lymph, and cellular tissues. Having a diet that contains real sea salt is a necessary part in correcting this problem. Real and natural sea salt is absolutely fundamental in allowing liquids to freely cross over the membranes of the human body, the kidneys, and the blood vessel walls. When the sodium levels rise in the blood, the water in the other tissues are attracted to it because it is rich in salt content, and it will be absorbed by the cells of the body. If the kidneys are functioning properly they will be able to easily remove the saline fluids. Refined salts prevent this process from happening and it causes fluid to accumulate in the joints causing edema and serious kidney problems.

The benefits of real sea salt are amazing. It is the one single element needed to breakdown plant carbohydrates making them very beneficial and useable in the human body. Once salt has been ionized and dissolved it possesses a reactivity in which it contains complete electromagnetic capabilities and sanitizes the large colon as it easily passes through. In ancient Celtic times salt was used very extensively in treating many physical and psychological ailments. Biologists of today call sea water mother liquor because of its many restorative abilities. It can restore hydro electrolytic imbalances that cause a loss and breakdown of the immune system known to create allergies and other health problems. Real sea salt should be naturally extracted by sunshine and when it’s dissolved in water in the correct ratio or combined with the moisture in foods it has the abilities to create tremendous health properties that is very much like body fluids and human blood. As a matter of fact, during World War II sometimes blood supplies ran out, and U.S. Navy doctors used sea salt water for transfusions, and as a result many lives were saved. Real sea salt should be able to permeate foods so that the moisture of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as other foods, would activate the salt by liquefying it and help with digestion.

Real sea salt provides a vast array of functions in the human body because it possesses approximately 80 mineral elements giving it the ability to regulate heartbeat and blood pressure, balance blood sugar levels, promote nerve cell communication, prevent muscle cramps, aid in sleep regulation, maintain the libido, prevent varicose veins, and help with several other functions as well. I would suggest you research the benefits of real sea salt and see for yourself what it can do for you. One thing I would like for you to understand, real natural sea salt is not white and dry, it will appear a little gray in color, and perhaps feel a little damp. When you are buying real sea salt look for words on the label like unrefined and no additives.

If you are considering switching from the salt you are currently using to real sea salt, the following is a list of sources you may want to research, and I suggest that you review their on line information and draw your own conclusions.

Hawaiian Specialty Salt Company, they say they have the best salt varieties and flavors that Hawaii has to offer with more than ten different types of salt for any occasion. Their web site address is:

Salt Works, Inc. They call themselves America’s Sea Salt Company and they offer premium gourmet sea salts and bath salts products of the highest quality available for home and professional use. Their web site address is:

Redmond Minerals, Inc. Their web site address is:

The Grain and Salt Society. Their web site address is:

Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt. Their web site address is:

Taviusa Traditional Sea Salt. Their web site address is:

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