Stress and Cortisol

Many things in your life can cause great stress, some is good stress and some is bad stress. If you put pressure on yourself to accomplish goals or complete a project before a deadline, and of course accomplishment of that goal or project brings you a benefit or reward, then you may consider that to be good stress. It is also called good stress because you initiated it and after you’ve accomplished the goal the stress no longer exist leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction.

Troublesome problems that create fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and loss of sleep is considered to be bad stress. Good and bad stress is basically determined by your own interpretation, and how it affects your life on a daily basis. Your awareness and how you handle the different stresses in your life is really the key to successful stress management.

One technique you can use to manage good and bad stress is to keep everything in proper perspective by minimizing problems and maximizing accomplishments. When you do this you will free yourself of any unconscious thought of the problem being bigger than it really is, and if the goals, challenges, problems, and setbacks seem to be smaller to begin with, it is easier to keep them small and in perspective. Actually, keeping everything in perspective is really not that difficult all you really need to do is give yourself a series of statements that apply directly to you. For example, I’m still alive, I feel good, tomorrow will give me another opportunity, it is not over until it’s over, I can still win, and I learned a lesson today that will help me in the future.

True, there are some people who are better at this than others. There are some who have enormous problems, setbacks, and challenges, and yet they seem to be affected very little. Still, there are others who don’t handle stress well at all, the smallest problem can be, and seems to be very traumatic for them. Not being able to handle problems in your life is what can cause you stress further resulting in anger, fear, confusion, hopelessness, and depression.

Cortisol is an important bodily hormone produced by the Adrenal glands and plays a role in the proper glucose metabolism, the regulation of blood pressure, immune function, and insulin release for blood sugar maintenance. It is also involved in other functions in addition to those I just mentioned and it is present in the body at higher levels in the morning, and it is at the lowest levels at night.

Cortisol has been termed the stress hormone because it is secreted into the blood stream at high levels during the body’s fight or flight response to stress and is responsible for stress related changes in the body. However small, an increase of cortisol has some positive effects, such as a short burst of energy that helps with our survival instincts. A small increase can help improve memory functions, increase immunity, reduce pain sensitivity, and help maintain homeostasis in the body.

Even though cortisol is a vital and necessary component of the body’s response to stress, it is also important that we practice relaxation techniques and exercises so that the body’s cortisol function returns to normal. The problem is, most of us live and work in a high stress environment causing the body’s stress response to be activated so frequently that it does not have a chance to return to normal and the result is chronic stress. The longer these increased amounts of cortisol remains in the bloodstream, the more likely it will produce negative effects such as a suppressed thyroid function, decreased bone density, blood sugar imbalance, a decrease in muscle tissue, high blood pressure, and impaired cognitive performance.

There are other health concerns created by the prolonged increase of cortisol such as lower immunity and inflammatory responses in the body, and increased abdominal fat which is actually a more significant health problem than fat deposited in other places of the body. This increase in abdominal fat is associated with other health issues such as heart attacks and strokes. The best way to combat these health problems and keep your body’s cortisol under control and at a healthy level is to indulge in relaxation techniques as soon as possible after you experience increased levels of stress or after what is called the fight or flight response.

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