Stress Management Techniques

There is a variety of stress management techniques available as well as making lifestyle adjustments to help your body from reacting to stress in the first place. Here are some things you can do that has helped a lot of people to relax the body and mind and help maintain healthy cortisol levels such as hypnosis and self hypnosis, exercise, yoga, listening to music, martial arts, breathing exercises, and meditation. Don’t forget to indulge in one of the greatest stress busters of all time, sex.

Aside from all the usual things that cause stress in your life, there is one other that most people don’t think much about and yet we all do this from time to time. We as a world of people hold on to negative things or experiences from the past that will absolutely do you no good. It is not an easy thing to forget bad experiences and or forgive those who have caused or given you those experiences. It does not matter how long ago it has been, if you are still angry with someone for something they did in the past, it will greatly affect your physical and mental well being in a negative way. It will continue to do so until you can forgive that person and forget it. Not only that, but holding a grudge will affect your day to day living experience in a negative way, even though you may not be aware of it. If you have ever seen the movie Star Wars, and even though it is a movie, Yoda does speak the truth when he says that “anger leads to the dark side, and once you travel down the dark side forever will it dominate your destiny.”  There is a bit of irony also. By not forgiving and forgetting you are harming yourself even more. The person who has harmed you has most likely long ago forgotten about it, moved on, and probably has no effect in their life whatsoever.

The main benefit in forgiving and forgetting is freedom. Freedom from harboring those negative and angry feelings, freedom in gaining a healthier state of mind, and freedom to enforce those positive feelings, those feel good feelings in your life. Of course you can’t undo what has already been done, but by keeping it alive, which is exactly what you do when you hold a grudge, you will always keep that negative past experience in the present. When you carry the emotional baggage of pain and anger, it does not have any effect on the person you’re angry with in the least, the only effect it has is on you, and it’s all negative. Not only that but if you continue to hold a grudge or keep that angry emotion alive, it will block your ability to move forward and have a healthy Zen attitude in life. Remember, it is virtually impossible to be angry or resentful and happy or satisfied at the same time. Even though you may not have had a hand in those negative experiences in the past, you certainly have control of them on how you allow them to affect your life now and in the future. You can decide right now to throw out those negative experiences that cause you pain and anger and the way to do that is through forgiveness.

Everyone can learn how to forgive but it does take time. The first thing you have to do is have a solid understanding of what it really means to forgive. You have to give up feelings of anger, resentment, and the desire to get even with the person who harmed you. It does not mean you have to go along with what has happened to you, but you do need to accept it, release it, forget it, and move on. This will take some effort and practice on your part, and once you have become skilled at it, you will notice an improvement in your emotional state of mind.

One other thing that is absolutely essential for you to do is to forgive yourself. You may not be aware that you are holding a grudge against yourself. The way to determine if you are doing this to yourself is by paying attention to your mind talk, those conversations you hold inside your head. You may be calling yourself names or harboring other negative feelings about a bad experience and by not forgiving yourself it may cause as much damage as it does not to forgive others. Being able to forgive and forget does require work, it won’t happen overnight, but through time and awareness you can give yourself the freedom to live life happily and fully, and that is what you so richly deserve.

To be in compliance with United States Federal Trade Commission Regulations, I must tell you that I, or my publishing company, may receive a commission from the sale of these products or programs. It takes a great deal of time to research, investigate, assemble, and publish, and to be honest, the few dollars  in commissions I, or my company, make in bringing you the best of the best in programs are what keeps my company going.  Allow me to take this time to thank you for reading this article and reviewing the following offers.


Now that you know that yoga has been around for a long time and how it can positively affect your day to day life, learn more about this excellent yoga program that can help you stay lean, healthy, and lose weight. Not only will you decrease body fat as well as firm and tone your body, but your personal well being will be greatly improved. The stretching will enhance your flexibility and range of motion and bring you a sense of balance. You will gain clarity, mental focus, a peace of mind.

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Can you spare 15 minutes a day to live a happier, healthier, and longer life? If so, then here is an ancient Chinese secret from the Shaolin monastery that is thousands of years old practiced by millions all over the Far East called Qi Gong (pronounced chee gong.) Qi means energy and Gong means work. Practicing Qi Gong every day removes energy blockages and improves the energy circulation throughout your body. I have studied and practiced the martial arts for more than 30 years and several years ago I added the exercise of Qi Gong to my daily routine. This wonderful stretching program is something that everyone can and should do. It is easier to learn and practice than any martial art, including Tai Chi, it is considerably less strenuous than Yoga, and gives you all the benefits of meditation. You can practice it almost anywhere and requires no special or expensive equipment. Qi Gong has been proven to stabilize blood pressure, improve cancer and drug treatment, improve memory, and help with insomnia, vertigo, headaches, and cholesterol. Qi Gong is a great stress reducer and increase the benefits of relaxation. You will discover a natural way to feel more energized, fresh , and alert and wake up your body’s natural healing power.

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Removes energy blockages

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Is a great stress reducer and increase the benefits of relaxation

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In my opinion the world we live in today is considerably more complicated and chaotic than any other time in my life. Living cost a lot more these days and to be truthful, cost of living has been steadily going up from year to year, and yet somehow, making more money to keep up has always been a problem. I can’t believe what I have to pay for a car and gasoline, not to mention food. The world population is getting crazier day by day, with the war on terrorism, and other geographical conflicts. Apparently, politics are up for grabs by anyone who has enough money to pursue such an endeavor, qualified or not, and we seemed to be having another civil war. I don’t mean like the North and the South, I mean between the Democrats and the Republicans, or the left and the right. We are all Americans, well most of us, and we should be working together.

Do you find yourself worrying about these things along with all the other personal areas of your life like relationships, family dynamics, and finances to name a few? Do you find yourself not having enough time to think or to even relax? The time has come to change all that, and I mean right now. Look, you’re not getting any younger, and I’m here to tell you from experience, for most of us, the older we get, the more our health takes a hit. It is time for you to realize awareness and clarity. It is time for you to have peace of mind, help you achieve clear focus, and experience enlightenment.

There is a program that combines meditation and spirituality and lead you to a calm and happier mindset. Discover what your life’s purpose is, the secret to separating yourself from your thoughts, learn how to control your emotions, learn the art of breathing and living in the moment, and of course achieving enlightenment. This spiritual meditation program will show you how to gain balance, clarity, and peace of mind.

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You can combine meditation and spirituality

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You can separate yourself from your thoughts

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You can learn the art of Zen breathing

You can live in the moment

You can have peace of mind

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Practicing yoga every day or at least a few times a week has tremendous health benefits. It is actually better than jogging when it comes to burning off calories. If you can spare one hour per week, this program will reduce body fat, improve your aching back, joints, and muscles. It will also improve your flexibility, range of motion, and at the same time reduce pain and stiffness. This yoga program will also show you how you can sculpt and tone your muscles, burn more fat, and lower the stress hormone cortisol. In fact a recent study proved that practicing yoga for just a half hour each week causes a weight loss of nineteen pounds. This program is for you if you want to lose weight, have more energy, and improve the quality of your sleep.

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Have a profound influence in your day to day life

Help you stay lean

Help you stay healthy

Help you lose weight

Help you decrease body fat

Firm and tone your body

Improve your personal well being

Give more energy

Improve the quality of your sleep

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Tai Chi is an ancient martial art with an excellent history that takes only ten minutes a day and gives you a balanced exercise routine that can help you develop and maintain a focused, calm, and alert mind. This Tai Chi program will show you that it is scientifically documented to help in stress reduction, enhanced flexibility, improved balance, decreases blood pressure, and helps with heart disease. If you practice Tai Chi daily you can prevent depression and improve sleep. Tai Chi will enhance the functioning of the cardiovascular, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems. You’ve heard of endorphins, right? A pain relieving chemical released during exercise and helps your body’s response to stress? In less than ten minutes a day Tai Chi can help you cope better, maybe reduce the need for pain medication, and get you back in shape. Doing Tai Chi every day gives you the mind set to live a healthy lifestyle, work on improving your diet, and create balance in your life. Here are three more reasons to learn Tai Chi; you can practice any time, any place, and you don’t need any equipment. Tai Chi can contribute to a feeling of personal well being.

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Feel calm

Feel balanced

Have an alert mind

Reduce stress

Enhance your flexibility

Decrease blood pressure

Improve your sleep

Enhance your cardio vascular system

Enhance your circulatory system

Enhance your respiratory system

Enhance your nervous system

Be learning a martial art

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