Stretching is first and foremost in any exercise program. Actually it should be the first and last activity in whatever exercise program you do. Stretching prepares your muscles for a more rigorous exercise activity. Stretching also helps elongate your muscles getting them ready for a more intense workout. It prepares your joints for the workout as well, and helps prevent muscle cramps during and after the workout. There are many different forms of stretching exercises. You should strive to learn as many as possible so that you can vary your stretching exercises from one workout to the next and hopefully you won’t become bored and lose interest. If you do stretching exercises before and after each workout, you will begin to realize the tremendous benefits, and how it makes you feel.

Plan to have three or four stretching programs with different stretches in each program. Then alternate these programs from one session to the next. This will give you some variety in your stretching exercise program. Plan each stretching exercise program for ten minutes. This should give your body enough time to move and flex the muscles getting it ready for your walk or more advanced workout. Stretching is not only beneficial for warming up and cooling down before and after other exercise programs, but it will also give you these added benefits:

1. Your ability to perform other tasks and skills will increase. The flexibility you gain from a consistent stretching exercise program will help you lead a more active life style. Your range of flexibility will improve and the more you stretch the more flexible you will be. You will be able to move faster. Being flexible can enhance your performance in other sports.

2. You will have better posture. When you stretch you are in effect training your body to improve your posture.

3. Your range of movement will increase. Your consistent exercise program will lengthen your muscles and tendons giving your limbs and joints more freedom of movement.

4. You will have more energy. Being able to move more freely will just naturally give you more energy. There is confidence in knowing that your body is capable of doing certain activities that maybe you couldn’t do before.

5. You will reduce your risk of injury. A well planned stretching exercise program will not only reduce the risk of injury to muscles, joints, and tendons, but if there is an injury you will recover faster with reduced soreness.There will be less physical injury. If your body is flexible it only stands to reason that it would ‘roll with the punches’ easier.

6. You will reduce muscle tension. If you engage in a consistent program of stretching exercises your muscles are less likely to contract, causing pain.

7. Your physical abilities will improve. You will be able to progress in your workouts, increasing your capacity to do more, and you will increase the endurance of your workouts. This will improve your overall active life style.

8. Balance is the key to everything life has to offer. An effective daily stretching program along with the rest of your workout program will improve your balance physically and mentally.

Here are some tips to help make your stretching program as beneficial as possible.

1. Before you start stretching, sit comfortably and lightly massage the muscles in your feet, legs, and arms for a few minutes. Some time ago I had the instructional video on Tai Chi for Seniors. The instructor in the program was an older gentleman, and he recommended doing this as it helps the muscles to loosen up. He said it makes the Tai Chi workout more effective and I’m sure it will make your stretching program more effective as well.

2. Hold each stretch for eight seconds.

3. Every time you stretch, be sure to include stretches for your legs. Whenever you stretch the upper part of the body blood has a tendency to pool in the legs. Leg stretches will prevent this.

4. Don’t bounce while you stretch. It serves no purpose and will only lead to muscles tears and pulls.

5. Keep your daily stretching program at ten minutes. If you go beyond ten minutes your body will start wearing out, and the next phase of your workout, whether it be cardio, weights, or sports, will be less effective.

6. Only do stretches you are capable of doing. As you get older your muscles may tighten and this may limit the range of movement your joints and muscles may have. Stretching is a way of keeping you flexible, so if you try to do a stretching exercise you are not really capable of doing you will only increase the risk of injury, and your range of movement will become even less.

The same can be said for calisthenics. Again, familiarize yourself, and use them in the same way you do with your stretching exercises. A short period of calisthenics after your stretching program is a great way to get your heart rate up, improve the circulation of the blood, and prepare your body for the next phase in your workout program.  A good calisthenics program will also improve the body’s strength, stamina, and flexibility. It will also strengthen several muscle groups, particularly the skeletal and cardiac muscles, and of course the obvious benefit is a healthier heart.

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So now that you know balance is the key to everything in life, you also know that it is especially important as you get older, and as you get older you realize there are changes you have to make. It’s important that you strengthen your legs to help prevent falls and the great thing is there are safe balance exercises designed for older folks that can help you do that and you don’t need any equipment. The focus of balance training is teaching your brain how to immediately activate your muscles at the right moment to keep you from falling and stay on your feet. Practicing these simple exercises for five minutes two times a week will help prevent falls. Learn how to keep your balance as you age. You can prevent falls, be more active, keep your independence, move about with confidence, and continue to do the things you like and enjoy.

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Is the key to everything you do

Is important as you age

Help you keep your legs strong

Decrease your chances of falling


Are easy to learn

Are completely safe

Designed for older folks

Don’t require any equipment

Will help you stay active

Will give you better coordination and control

Will improve your posture

Will help you keep your independence

Will help you move with confidence

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If you would like to lose some weight, improve your metabolism, and at the same time increase lean muscle mass, then here is a program you will be interested in. There is a unique style of mind body training that will help release the emotional energetic patterns in your body and change your behavior patterns that are keeping you stuck in old and outdated behavioral patterns through the use of acupuncture points. It is more than just weight loss and those other items I just mentioned because you will learn how to strengthen your bones, tendons, and ligaments, improve your posture, vitality, and energy. You will also get rid of limiting beliefs and behaviors that have been getting in the way and help you get back on track towards your physical goals. This program is designed to move you through the energy and emotional blockages that are keeping you from creating the body you really want and as a result you will have a leaner, fitter body without the aches and pains.

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Get the body you’ve always wanted

Lose weight

Gain lean muscle

Improve your metabolism

Shape your body the way you want it

Make your bones, tendons, and ligaments stronger

Improve your posture

Improve your vitality

Increase your energy levels


Get back on track towards your physical goals

Look better

 Feel better

Improve your confidence

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As you get older you probably notice that dieting and exercising is getting more difficult and the fact that there are so many dieting and exercising program available doesn’t help, in fact, it makes it more difficult to know where to start. This program can show you how to use your own body weight without special equipment and you can do it anytime and anywhere. You will also be glad to know that it doesn’t require long workout sessions and it isn’t confusing or complicated. There is also a wide variety of exercises so you won’t become bored and the diet plan is very effective because you will learn what food does to your body and how it affects fat loss. Once you see how easy it is, your confidence will improve, and that will be all the motivation you’ll need to keep going and accomplish your workout and fat loss goals. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements on losing weight and exercising. The fact is you can get so inundated and confused that you don’t know where to start.

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Means no need for equipment

Means using your own body weight

Gives you a workout to lose those unwanted pounds

Means you can do it anywhere

Means you can do it anytime

Gives you short effective workout sessions

Is not confusing or complicated

Gives you a wide variety of exercises so you won’t be bored

Has a great diet plan

Means you will learn what foods are best

Means your confidence level will rise

Is great for men and women

Workouts are 21 minutes long

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If you are looking to get in shape fast, get rid of fat, and increase your energy levels then this is what you’ve been looking for. You will burn fat fast, build strong muscles, increase agility and balance, and strengthen your knees including tendons and ligaments. Another great benefit is it will boost your self esteem.

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Get you in shape fast

Help you lose weight

Increase your energy levels

Help you burn fat fast

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Increase your agility and balance

Boost your self esteem

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You know that balance is the key to a healthy life style and pain is your body’s way of telling you that there is an imbalance causing the pain. There is an alternative way to manage pain without medications and it has been clinically effective in treating chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress. This is a simple, self applied tool designed to create balance within your nervous system allowing your body to eliminate patterns of stress, tension, and pain. When your neurological and physiological systems are in balance your body can function in the optimal way it was designed to. This program can show you the way and anyone can do it. It is a very effective and powerful way in treating pain.

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Chronic pain

Unresolved pain

Post surgical pain

Disc related disorders

Limb pain

Joint pain

Anxiety disorders



Irritable bowel syndrome

Restless leg syndrome


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