This is a story of a young woman who thought she found true love, but she soon finds herself in the middle of high profile crime, and at first she becomes unknowingly involved. She doesn’t realize that she is being used by a world class master criminal.

Katie had just started her second year at Ohio State University when she meant Sean. They fell in love and planned to get married after graduation. That is until she caught Sean with another girl and now she felt like her whole life is turned upside down and one big disaster. Katie was in her senior year when she realized that her ambitions were not what she really wanted so she decided to return home to Loudonville, the small town where she grew up, and start her life all over again. She also felt it would be a long time before she could trust another man. The sting from her last relationship hurt her too much. Her passion is antiquities and she pursued it with great knowledge and enthusiasm. She knew in the back of her mind that she desperately wanted a meaningful relationship and when a very handsome foreigner visited her shop she thought she found it. Little did she know things aren’t always what they seem.

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