After graduating from NYU Jackson landed a very well paying job with one of the hottest magazine in New York City, and after a few years, he’s not sure what he wants and decides to make a change.

Jackson is a gifted writer, it’s all he’s ever wanted to do, and after graduating from NYU, he does a four year stint in the Navy before landing a writing job with one of the hottest night life entertainment magazines in the business. After a few years of writing for the magazine, he’s feeling burned out. He’s been writing a novel for a couple of years, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, he wants more, but he’s just not sure what it is.

Jacks has always hated winter and he felt like every winter in New York was a new experience in freezing his ass off. He remembered the decision he had to make in accepting the job offer with the magazine. If I take this job that means I’ll have to stay in New York and man I am so sick of New York winters plus I’m beginning to feel like I don’t belong here anymore.” Jackson has always had the notion of living and working someplace warm year round, but then he has a reality check. “Am I really going to turn down this incredible opportunity because of the weather? How do I know if I can make this kind of money working for someone else? Never mind the fact that this is a cool opportunity to photograph and interview some amazing people," he sips his coffee, "but the money…oh man, the money is frigging great.” Jacks thinks about his parents and he misses his sister he hasn’t seen in a long time, and his relationship with Annie is really going nowhere, and he decides it’s time to make a change.

He decides he’s going to Florida and just see what turns up. He was thinking he might live in Key West, he liked the idea that Hemingway lived there. Jacks take a little side trip to visit his sister Julia, who lives in a small town in central Ohio. His extended stay visiting his sister has allowed him to discover a side of himself he didn’t know he had. Julia just had to ask, “now that you’ve been around here for the last six weeks or so, tell me Jacks, is there anyone around here that sparks your interest?” “Oh, I don’t know,” grinning with his eyes half closed, “maybe.”

Jackson is glad he made the decision to spend some time here in this little town and spending some quality time with his sister. You know, it is nice living here, it isn’t Florida and there is no ocean but it sure is an easy going laid back place to live. I’ve never been at a more peaceful point in my life.” He turns and looks out the kitchen window, besides, if I wanted to, he reasons, I could go to Florida when it starts getting cold here.” Jackson’s relationship with Ellie is beginning to bud, but Stanley isn’t about to let that happen. He’s been secretly stalking Ellie and Stanley thinks she belongs to him and basically his mindset is if he can’t have her, no one can have her. As the summer days grow short, the time has come to past, and Jackson must decide if Florida is where he truly wants to be.

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