Professor O’Brien has been teaching at a well known university in a big city for five years and it is a serious strain on his marriage. He believes that living in a small town and teaching at a small town university is just what he needs to keep his marriage strong.

Professor O’Brien is a professor at Loyola University in Chicago and a mathematical genius. He loves his wife more than anything but his relationship with her isn’t what it used to be. Because of his position at the university many extra hours beyond his actual class schedule are required by mathematical symposiums and seminars. He is also the assistant head coach to the college basketball team, and when the team has an away game, he has to be there, and sometimes it’s overnight. This all comes under the heading of stress factors in a relationship.

Professor Masters teaches at Loyola also and he has never liked Professor O’Brien from day one. Masters is an overbearing loud mouth and womanizer. and whenever he is seen talking with a woman, especially an attractive woman, he undresses her with his eyes.  He’s been over heard in the locker room down at the gym, “Hell yeah, I look at’em like they’re naked.” he fancies himself as an amateur boxer. He is very interested in O’Brien’s wife and he tries every trick in the book to get to her.  “She is so fine looking. Damn, she is hot. Look how she fills out that dress. Nice ass, real nice.”

Masters is constantly after O’Brien to come down to the gym and get in the ring with him and he fantasizes about giving him a good beating. What Masters doesn’t know is that O’Brien is an expert and has many years of training in the martial arts. “hey Chucky Boy, when you gonna come down to the gym and get in the ring with me so I can give your ass a good thumpin?  You’re not chicken, are ya?”

O’Brien lands a position with a small town university and buys a house in smaller town a few miles away. Life is easier than living in the big city, his marriage has improved, as well as his overall outlook on life. When it comes to life, I guess it doesn’t matter where you live, problems will arise from time to time. A pretty coed has a thing for Professor O’Brien and has convinced herself that the good professor’s wife is cheating on him, but she ends make a fool of herself, and realizes how immature she is. “It is absolutely a shame and it really pisses me off that his wife is making a fool out of him,” Laura comments to her friend Jenny as they walk across campus to class. “He would be very hurt if he knew the bitch is stepping out on him. I should tell him what I saw because I don’t think he cares for her that much.”

Professor O’Brien’s wife gets accosted at a local hometown football game, “Keep walkin’, I have a knife in your back, and don’t turn around, or I’ll cut ya’ right here!” The good professor comes to the rescue, saving his wife, and a dangerous criminal is back behind bars. “Dude, did you see that?  He totally kicked his ass.” “Oooooh, I know man, he’s like a Bruce Lee kinda dude.”

Living in a small town, with all its charm, has made a big difference in the life of the O’Briens. They enjoy the laid back, easy going, way of life that most everyone seems to enjoy.