What is Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui? If you have ever heard those words before, or even read about it or heard someone else talk about, but you just were not sure exactly what it is all about, then hopefully this information will clear that up and enlighten you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just some sort of Oriental interior design philosophy or some new age mumbo jumbo. While it may look like that on the surface, it is actually much deeper than that, and in reality it is a combination of several schools of learning going back many years. It isn’t difficult to understand and you can apply this in your own home and or office without having to spend a lot of money refurnishing or a lot time trying to figure out how to make your space become more harmonious.

The first advantage and perhaps the most significant one for me personally is that it will bring a sense of balance to your life in your living and working space. During my professional sales career I have had the opportunity to experience many homes and work places. In some of those situations I have walked into the home or office and felt a great sense of balance and order. In other situations I was absolutely blown away by the chaos and disorder and always wondered how in the world does this individual find peace and much less as to what they may be looking for. I have walked into a client’s office and seen papers and boxes of other things of which I have no idea scattered everywhere, on the desk, counters, shelves, and even piles of who knows what on the floor. Using the principles of Feng Shui in your personal spaces will actually give you a feeling of control when everywhere else outside your space is out of control.

If you bring order to chaos in your personal and professional space you will find that even though you are focused on the big important things in your life, as you should be, you will also be more mindful of the small details in your life like how your home or office should be arranged to create better harmony and more peace. After all isn’t that how it should be? You probably spend most of your time in your personal and professional space and it should be arranged in such a way that makes you feel the most comfortable. You will also become more mindful of the other little details in your life that can become bigger problems and lead to increase stress and worry that you don’t really need, and being mindful is also being very Zen.

Following the principles of Feng Shui in your home and work place can give you a new outlook in regards to your surroundings. You may very well feel more positive and find that your new arrangement will serve you better. Once you have this new perspective in your home and office you’ll probably wonder how you ever managed before. Having a fresh perspective on your personal space may give you a sense of emotional well being and that can also be a Zen experience.

Feng Shui can help you feel more successful because you will better organized. My wife says, “everything has a place and everything should be in its place.” Feng Shui can definitely help with that and at the same time create aesthetic appeal. We all could use more beauty in our lives and in your home and work place you will have absolute control over the beauty in your personal space.

Feng Shui is a philosophical lifestyle and yes it does concern arranging your furniture and other belongings for the optimum flow of energy and balance.  Actually there are some great benefits in using Feng Shui, the first one, of course,  is it most certainly creates a sense of balance. You can create better balance in your personal living and working space by using complimentary color in combination with the arrangement of your décor. By placing items in your work area and in each room in your home in a specific way so that they complement each other, you will achieve optimum balance, and create emotional harmony. Realizing that you probably spend most of your time at work and home it only makes good sense that you feel positive when you are in those environments. If you follow the philosophy of Feng Shui it will promote within you a positive feeling, a sense of aestheticism, and eliminate negativity in your personal spaces. When you think about all the negativity that surrounds you when you are away from your work and your home you will have a tremendous appreciation and love every time you walk in the front door. Personally, I don’t give too much consideration for my work place, basically because I spend a lot of my working time on the road, but I absolutely love it when I’m at home. I feel very comfortable, very creative, and very balanced.

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It is truly amazing how something that was developed more than 3500 years ago is still popular today, and very effective, or I’m sure it wouldn’t have lasted this long. It’s called Feng Shui, pronounced feng shway, and it originated in China. Its principles are inspired by Chinese astronomy and it is considered an art and science centered around a sophisticated set of guidelines. This knowledge shows how to balance the energy of all the rooms in your home or office to promote good health and good fortune. Feng means wind and shui means water. Wind and water are considered to be good health and good fortune. Learn how to arrange your environment to increase the positive flow of energy and this may change your luck in more than one positive way. This program will show you three simple techniques to secure your future and have less worry. This program is full of great tips like three things you should never do when it comes to using mirrors in your home or office.

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Now that you know Chi is a vital life force energy and its relativity to all things this program will show you how to awaken the Chi, the life force, that is naturally inside you. You will learn how it can heal your body, mind, and spirit, and how to balance your thoughts and emotions. This program will also show you how to significantly increase your energy levels so you will feel calm and peaceful. My ally is the Force and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow, its energy surrounds us and binds us to the Universe.

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