Zen and the Art of Computer Security will provide you with information on how to protect yourself on line. There are an ever increasing number of hackers and data thieves just waiting to steal your personal information and other data that they can use for their own ill gotten gains. The more honest people use the internet to do their shopping, banking, and other activities of a personal nature the more they are at risk of a thief stealing their personal information.

The internet is a play ground for just about any kind of scam or fraud program you can think of including;

  • Prime bank fraud.
  • Offshore investment scams.
  • Programs involving tax fraud.
  • Foreign currency scams.

This is a short list of only a few. There are new ones popping up all the time.

This useful book will enlighten you about;

  • Spyware programs.
  • E-mail scams.
  • Phishing and spoofing.
  • Other types of internet scams.

You will also learn about;

  • Electronic pyramid schemes.
  • Computerized Trojan horse.
  • Key loggers.

You will gain awareness of internet fraud and the computer technology that drives it. You should always be vigilant when it comes to your money and credit. If you are concerned about using your cards on line, the number of records and accounts hacked are steadily going down each year due to advanced technologies in security infrastructure.

 This book will also provide you with information on;

  • How to use your credit and debit cards wisely and safely when purchasing on line.
  • How to protect your social security number.
  • How to protect your financial records.
  • How to safeguard your checkbook as well as other financial information.

There is information you need to know about credit and debit card skimming devices, the technology that supports it, and what to look out for. You will also learn what actions to take if you have been a victim of identity theft. You will become enlightened regarding your rights provided by the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and the Fair Credit Billing Act. You will learn about fraud alerts and how they can help you. An extensive list of resources and contacts are also available as well as information on the Fair Information Practice and Principles.

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