In Zen and The Art of Fitness you will learn why you need to exercise and the importance of exercise and nutrition. You will also learn how to keep yourself effectively motivated as well as considering what type of exercise is right for you. Physical fitness is a term that can mean different things to many people. As wide and varied as this term is physical fitness on any level is determined by the condition of your body. Since there are various levels of condition or fitness, meaning how well your body and muscles functions, it stands to reason that there are things you can do to improve your fitness level. Just about everyone knows that exercise is essential, not only for your physical well being, but your mental well being also. If you keep yourself in top physical and mental condition, you will be able to fight off illness and infections faster, and you will heal quicker from bodily injury.

You will understand why it is important to exercise specifically for;

  • Heart
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Cellulite for women

You will figure out the right exercise equipment for you and stop wasting money on those exercise gadgets that you don’t need. This book will explain how to schedule an effective workout program and enlighten you on the importance of stretching, and how to stretch, before and after any physical activity. There are many different forms of stretching exercises. It would be great for you to know as many as possible so that you can vary your stretching exercises from one workout to the next and hopefully you won’t become bored and lose interest. If you do stretching exercises before and after each workout, you will begin to realize the tremendous benefits, and how it makes you feel.

This book will explain;

  • What your core muscles are and the importance of conditioning and strengthening for a more effective workout.
  • About cardio respiratory fitness and increasing the endurance of your workouts.
  • Why it is important to add variety to your workouts to alleviate boredom and possibly quitting altogether.
  • The difference between low intensity and high intensity workouts.

If you have been working out for a while, then most likely you’ve questioned the intensity of your program, and whether or not you’re ready to increase that intensity. In reality, the intensity of any exercise program should be determined by what you are physically able to do.

You will gain a better understanding of energy or Chi, how it moves, and how it can be blocked. Oriental medicine has a history that is thousands of years old. This fact alone gives credibility to this practice and philosophy. Although it is not as widely known as westernized medicine, it is gaining in popularity.

You will know the different types and benefits of massage. There is no doubt that massage therapy is an effective stress reducer as well. Not only does it relieve aches and pains of the body, but quiets the mind, (you don’t even think about what’s causing you stress) and revitalizes the spirit. Massage therapy improves blood circulation, helps excrete toxins from the body, and helps you relax.

This book will provide you with information about the benefits of walking and engaging in a regular program of doing so. You will learn about the healthy benefits of bicycling, the right and wrong way to ride, the different types of bicycles, as well as clothing and accessories.

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