Happiness is a state of mind and since it is subjective it has a great and varied meaning to many different people. Everyone whether they realize it or not is in the pursuit of happiness. In the book, Zen and The Art of Happiness, you will be enlightened regarding the concept of love and happiness and how it influences the meaning of life. If the right hand is happiness then the left hand is love. Love is the Great Equalizer. No matter what bad, negative, or nasty thing happens in your life, if you have love you will conquer that unpleasantness as well. Everyone wants to be loved and everyone needs to be loved. There would be a lot less grief in this world if everyone would just have compassion for their fellow human being.

 In Zen and the Art of Love and Happiness you will;

  • Learn how to have faith in your own belief system.
  • Know what it takes for you to be happy.
  • Understand how the law of attraction influences love and happiness.

You are the sum total of all your life experiences and you didn’t get to where you are or who you are today, overnight.  It has taken all your experiences and your years for you to arrive at this point in your life. Once you realize this then you know you can change your thought processes leading to a more loving and happier life.

In Zen and the Art of Love and Happiness you will;

  • Learn about being assertive and self confident in your daily commitments.
  • Learn to build your self confidence and be assertive when you need to be.
  • Find that life in general will be more agreeable with you.
  • Realize that you can be assertive enough to stand up for yourself and your rights while engaging in the art of give and take.
  • Learn to be respectful of others’ feelings and points of view and at the same time have much less conflict in your day to day dealings with others.
  • learn about self esteem, what influences it, and how to improve it.

Self esteem is basically how you see yourself and the value you have of yourself in terms of your environment and total surroundings.  It is the sum total of everything you have accomplished, and conversely, not accomplished up to this point in your life.

In Zen and the Art of Love and Happiness you will;

  • Understand the importance of creating your own plans and goals.
  • Know how to increase your own productivity.
  • Understand ways to achieve your goals.

When you are developing your plan and your goals you would be wise to give them careful consideration. One reason you should do this is to give priority to your goals and another reason is so that you will stay focused on what you are trying to accomplish. Planning and prioritizing your goals will give you the confidence, motivation, and self esteem to stay positive and work towards accomplishing them.

Nothing moves without motivation. You need to stay motivated and your organization needs to stay motivated if you expect to accomplish your goals.

You will learn;

  • How your attitude influences the law of attraction.
  • Your ability to solve problems.
  • What motivates you.
  • How to turn your weaknesses into strengths.
  • How to manage failure.
  • How to anticipate problems.

Failure should be looked upon as a learning experience. If you fail at something, don’t take it personal, or think that you can’t overcome it. The only way failure wins is if you allow it by thinking you can’t get past a weakness. Many times a failure is basically an unknown factor. Once you learn how to beat failure you’ll begin to realize that you can accomplish more and it will do wonders for your personal positive outlook.

Truly happy people are also spiritual people. To develop your spirituality take a comprehensive and critical look at your belief system, examine your motivations, and understand your feelings. You will understand the importance of overcoming limiting beliefs and how happiness and spirituality come together through meditation and practicing a life of Zen.

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