Most people think that when you set a goal that you have to accomplish it by a certain point in time. While it is a good idea to set a deadline to achieve your goal, it is just as important to work diligently and focus on the task at hand to get the job done. The last thing you want to do is get hung up on setting time frames. Sometimes having a time frame can create pressure so much so that you have a difficult time focusing on what you need to do and as a result you end up not accomplishing what you should.

In Zen and The Art of Self Improvement you will;

  • Learn about setting goals and increasing your productivity.
  • Learn about the law of attraction and how your attitude affects everything you do and say.
  • Know it doesn’t really matter how difficult or easy the goals you have set for yourself are, one thing is certain, you won’t accomplish much if you don’t have the right mind set.

It is absolutely essential that you stay focused and positive. Do your best to not allow the little things in day to day living create undue pressure when working toward your goals. You will be able to identify problems and find creative solutions.

Nothing moves without motivation. You need to stay motivated and your organization needs to stay motivated if you expect to accomplish your goals.

In Zen and the Art of Self Improvement you will;

  • Understand your motivation.
  • Learn how to stay on track.
  • Learn how to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Failure should be looked upon as a learning experience. If you fail at something, don’t take it personal, or think that you can’t overcome it. The only way failure wins is if you allow it by thinking you can’t get past a weakness. Many times a failure is basically an unknown factor. Once you learn how to beat failure you’ll begin to realize that you can accomplish more and it will do wonders for your personal positive outlook. You will learn how to manage failure, learn from it, and anticipate problems.

If you can learn to build your self confidence and be assertive when you need to be, you will find that life in general will be more agreeable with you. You can be assertive enough to stand up for yourself and your rights while engaging in the art of give and take. You can be respectful of others feelings and points of view and at the same time have much less conflict in your day to day dealings with others. You will learn how to become more assertive and create self confidence and self esteem.

Self esteem is basically how you see yourself, the value you have of yourself in terms of your environment and total surroundings. It is the sum total of everything you have accomplished, and conversely, not accomplished up to this point in your life. Your self esteem is closely tied to your relationships with other people, specifically your family, friends, and co workers. It is molded by your responses to and from your experiences in everyday life.

Sometimes when you hear about certain statistics it really makes you think about the seriousness of those statistical numbers. The one that gets me the most is that one out of every two marriages end in divorce. I always wonder how two people can be so much in love and then end up separating because of one reason or another and they can’t get along anymore. What in their world went wrong?

In Zen and the Art of Self Improvement you will;

  • Understand relationships, marriage and divorce, how it can all go wrong, and how to make it work.
  • Learn that proper communication is an art. Unfortunately not everyone understands this and as a result the meaning is lost.
  • Learn how to listen carefully, because even if you are very skilled at listening, the meaning of what is being said can still be lost or misunderstood. If you have been listening carefully, then at least you know you can ask for clarification so that you can understand what is being said.

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