Zen can have many meanings for many people and Zen is also used for many reasons.  There are formal Zen schools of thought and training as well as several styles of teaching. It is also a constant learning process and the philosophy supporting Zen learning is the more you learn the more you will benefit from its training.

In Zen and The Art of Zen you will learn about Zen and its relationship to fear, anger, and depression. If you are having a difficult time getting past a fear consider engaging in a formal Zen training program to help you reduce or eliminate it. Learning, practicing, and becoming Zen is an excellent way to help you manage your anger. The techniques of Zen can help you with feelings of sadness and depression.

You will also learn about;

  • Zen meditation
  • Finding your inner peace
  • Achieving a quiet mind
  • Deep breathing meditation, Yoga, and relaxation

This book has information about the different styles of Yoga. Practicing yoga is a great way to relieve stress, calm your mind, and center your balance.

You will learn about  Zen and its relationship to love and happiness. You will learn more about your personal faith and how you can be happy. You can also learn about love and happiness and the law of attraction. If the right hand is happiness then the left hand is love. Love is the Great Equalizer. No matter what bad, negative, or nasty things happens in your life, if you have love you will conquer those experiences as well.

This book has information about;

Zen programs

Zen origins

Zen masters

You will learn how your ego affects your ability to become Zen.

In order for your life to be Zen and experience happiness as much as possible it is essential for you to focus on good feelings that are both physical and mental in nature.

You will gain an understanding of how your feelings and your thoughts relate to Zen.

You will learn about letting go of your past experiences and regrets. The word regret all by itself is a negative word and you cannot feel happy when you think about past regrets because it’s just human nature.

You will become enlightened regarding the body, mind, spirit, and Zen. Your body is the only place where you live so you must take care of it the best way you can. You must treat it as a temple or sanctuary for your mind and your spirit. You will also learn about Zen and the art of relaxation and Zen mindfulness.

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