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Zen Masters take the road less traveled, treat their family and friends well, slay their own dragons and demons, and discover the real treasure buried deep within their true selves.

It is important to spend time sitting learning to be in the here and now. The Japanese call it zazen or sitting meditation and it’s about being in the moment quietly without distractions, no music, television, or other electronic distractions, just thinking about the things that are important to you.

The wisdom of Zen philosophy can help you to let go of all the things influenced by your ego and bring you peace and unlimited freedom in your life every day. This is called nonattachment and isn’t it interesting how the word ‘ego’ has the word ‘go’ in it?

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t here yet, everything in your life is here, right now, in this moment, if you start to think about it you will miss it totally.

Click and read the following articles and you may experience the sensibility of zen philosophy and wisdom.

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