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 If you are a giving person to begin with, wouldn’t you agree that if you had more money, you could do more good for those who are less fortunate? About the only two things I can think of where I could personally help people in need are time and money. When I donate my time to help someone out, it has always been a Zen experience for me, and I often think how much more I could do if I had a lot of money. Perhaps you have felt the same way.

This program may be just the ticket you are looking for. First of all let me tell you about the man who created this training program. He always wanted to be an author and for several years he struggled, living on the street, and now he is a bestselling author, mentor, creator, and speaker. He was in the movie, ‘The Secret’ and if you have seen the movie, you would definitely understand that this mentor knows what he’s talking about. I own several of his programs and audio recordings and every time I listen to them or read them, I learn or realize something different.

This is a program of proven ways to wake up your millionaire mindset. It seems kind of strange for me to say this, but creating wealth with this program is also spiritual. When you master the formula you will combine money and spirituality and that means you will have more money, more spiritual growth, and more meaning to your life. This program will teach you the four steps of spiritual awakening. There is also a private Face Book mastermind where you can get and share ideas, look for answers, and get support from the one who created this program. You will be able to communicate with people who share your philosophy and point of view.

You have probably purchased other programs and products, and you started out with good intentions, but somehow you lost interest and never finished it, or maybe you finished it but didn’t do anything with it. That’s not going to happen with this training program. The mentor who created and developed this training said and I quote, “If you’ve ever struggled to complete a course you KNOW can change your life, you're about to experience a new paradigm where we make sure you get through from beginning to end.”

The key to maximizing your progress is bringing together conscious learning with subconscious learning. To make this happen “you get a short mental programming audio in each module that implants the core elements of the mindset deep inside your subconscious mind.”

You won’t feel lost or alone because you will have instant access to video training modules on wealth, spirituality, passion, business, and peak performance from such notable names like Mary Morrissey, Joe Sugarman, Brad Yates, Dee Wallace, Vicki Howie, Randy Gage, and Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley, and there are others.

It’s time for you to discover new aspects of your spiritual power, find ways to make your mark and become a living legend  from your experiences in making a profound difference in other people’s lives.  Don’t be like those people who have so much money they don’t know what to do with it, and couldn’t possibly spend all of it in their life time. Those individuals only know how to use people to make more money that they really don’t need. Use your wealth and influence to create greatness in your life and make a difference in other people’s lives who could really use it. Money is a very powerful tool, for good or evil, and I think you would agree that there is too much evil in this world. Do good, help those in need, and live a Zen filled life.


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Zen, Spirituality, and Money